In order not to annoy your neighbors it’s good to send the audio over an FM transmitter rather than place speakers outside your house.  You can still place speakers outside your house but I’m guessing your neighbors wouldn’t love that later at night.

  • EDM-LCD-RDS-EP FM Transmitter – One of the highest quality FM transmitters available.  Warning that there is some assembly required.  With the right antenna your FM transmission will be so clear and the stereo separation and sound will be amazing
  • Volume Control – It is suggested that you control the volume of the audio coming from the Raspberry Pi 3 to the EDM FM transmitter as it is usually a bit too hot and causes distortion in the transmitter
  • Audio Input Cable – The cable I used to run audio from my Raspberry Pi 3 to the EDM FM transmitter
  • Noise Suppressors – These will suppress any noise coming from surrounding electronics.  Good practice to use at lease one on your audio input line
  • J-Pole Antenna – The quality of your antenna makes all the difference, especially when using a quality FM transmitter like the EDM.  Just be careful in how much power you send from the EDM as using it with this antenna could yield some long distance results and you’ll end up with the FCC knocking on your door
  • Available FM frequencies – In order to make sure you’re able to provide the best quality audio as well as not irritate the local radio station it’s best to check out this site to see which frequencies are available for you to transmit on