The sequencer is where you create the magic of your light and show display.  Your sequencer not only controls the lights but all triggers for all elements in it.  It works with its internal player or an external one to bring your display to life!

  • What we use
    • xLights – The program that allows you to to design and sequence your light display.  Create models that you overlay on a picture of your lighting location.  You’ll then place effects on these models and can get as detailed, down to a single pixel, or as broad, across an entire display, with the mapping of these effects!  You can then play your sequence inside the sequencer to get a very good idea of what it will look like on your display and adjust as needed.  You can do all this before you’ve purchased a single controller or light and see if what you’ve envisioned in your planning and design is really what you want.  The possibilities of what you can do are almost endless and the developers are constantly updating it’s capabilities.  It’s fairly amazing considering that it’s FREE!  xLights is more than just a sequencer, it can also act as a player, but we do not use that feature.  We depend on the Falcon Player mentioned here
  • Some other common Sequencers / Players
    • Light-O-Rama – Great software though we believe xLights to be superior in capability.  Has good support and is NOT free
    • Vixen – I’ve never used it but a lot of others in the hobby do and really like it.  It is also free